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Best Afro Hairdresser in the local area

Our Afro Hairdresser in the local area are experts in Afro hairstyling, specifically hair braiding, getting your weave laid and colour tinting. Whatever other requests you might have or different style you want to sport, you won’t be disappointed, we’re a passionate and fully-qualified hairdresser and with hair at the very core of what we do, hairdressing isn't just a job for us, it’s a love affair.

So many choices to choose from

One of the things that makes Inspire Within special is our skillful shaving services. A close, traditional shave from a knowledgeable barber shouldn’t just be a treat - our cheap services mean you can head over to Inspire Within as often as you like and feel like every day is a special treat. With special offers for regular customers, and a solid community on social media, why wait to join the shaving revolution?

Afro hair professionals on demand

Go for one of our indulgent wash and set treatments to get the full benefits for your hair. Our conditioning treatment will add moisture to your curls and as a finishing touch, we'll style it for you, leaving your afro looking nurtured, shiny and full of natural volume. You can get the most fabulous 'fro with our special 3 in 1 afro hair service. We will provide a full, professional wash, bringing back moisture to dry, frizzy hair.


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